Upay To Get Married Soon Aghori Babaji

Upay To Get Married Soon Aghori Babaji-


  • In case marriage of a girl is getting delayed due to some astrological reasons such as the presence of Mangalik Yoga or Kaalsarpa Yoga.
  • If in spite of due age and desire of a girl she is not able to realise her dream then here is a remedy which may sound a bit odd but nevertheless it works, so give it a try with full faith. The girl should wear clothes of another girl who is getting married in other words whose marriage is fixed. The girl doing so will soon find a suitable partner.
  • The girl whose marriage is getting delayed should boil eight Chchuare (dried dates) on a Friday night and keep these along with water in which these are boiled beside her bed and on the next morning, after taking her bath, should immerse these in a river. She will soon find a partner.
  • For ending delay in marriage get root of banana tree during an auspicious Mahurat (find out from a priest) and energise it by worshipping it, then keep it with you well wrapped in a yellow cloth.
  • If a girl’s marriage is getting delayed then she should wear around her neck a Shivlinga made from Amber gemstone. The Shivlinga should be clearly visible to others. She will soon attract a person of her liking.
  • For timely marriage the girl should offer water at a Peepal tree for 43 days and also light a Deepak there (pure ghee lamp). You may not do this on Sundays and during your menstrual periods.
  • Boys and girls whose marriage is getting delayed should mix a little turmeric powder in their bath water and after taking the bath should put a tilak (holy spot) on the forehead with saffron .