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While watching any horror movies, you must have had come across the references of voodoo magic or Kill Someone by Using Black Magic Doll . usually, it is known as ‘black magic.’

For many of us, it is a general belief that voodoo dolls are some dark art magic which is all about hurting someone with malice intention, sacrificing animals, casting spells, this is what we see or at least persuaded by those cliché stories while watching any horror movies. But little do we know about the reality of Kill Someone by Using Black Magic Doll .

Kill Someone by Using Black Magic Doll

Let us peek into its history to know more about the Kill Someone by Using Black Magic Doll .

The word voodoo is a mixture of 2 religions. It originated from both Christianity and African mythology.

It first came into existence when African were working slaves on American island which made them convert themselves to Christianity. Hence, the term ‘voodoo’ came.

  • Louisiana voodoo is another form of unique voodoo practice in the southeastern part of the US and Louisiana. Even though the voodoo practice brought over by the West Africans, the practice was much influenced by the Spanish and French people who settled in Louisiana and southeastern of the States.
  • The last one is the Haitian voodoo in Haiti has been in effect by French people in addition to Christianity.

Kill Someone by Using Black Magic Doll

Voodoo dolls are much more complicated than it seems. For starter, a voodoo doll was never made to harm anyone it was practiced to heal people’s particular body part by picking pins from a doll or poppet and the used it to send energies to the other being.

The voodoo doll is neither harmful nor evil but, they can be made evil and dark by the person who uses it.

According to voodoo practitioners, souls are neutral, they don’t have a good or bad side, but they can become worse depending on the person who makes use of it.