Delay Marriage Solution Aghori Babaji

Delay Marriage Solution Aghori Babaji-

(1) The males who are not getting married inspite of all efforts they must offer a Tulsi leaf to Lord Vishnu every day.    It has been written in our religious scriptures that the Lord Shri Hari gets appeased by a single leaf of Tulsi plant more than bathing him with thousands pitchers of nectar.
(2) If one faces delay in marriage, he must donate Tulsi plants. One gets more auspicious results by donating a Tulsi plant than donating thousand of cows.
(3) By chanting the name of Shri Hari (Lord Vishnu) with the rosary of Tulsi, One comes over the hurdles coming in marriage.
(4) Married couple who lack love& affection towards each other, and always remain in tension, they should pour water in Tulsi plant and light a Deepak morning and evening both times.
(5) One must chant Dakshakshasi Mantra ‘Shreeing Hreeing Kleeing Aing Vrindavanaye Swaha’ to appease Goddess Tulsi.
(6) For auspiciousness and prosperity one must offer – Dhoop, Ghee deepak, Sindoor, Chandan, Naivadya and Flower etc and stotra to Tulsi plant